Billy Blazes, Esq/Ask Father – America – 1919


                        Billy Blazes, Esq Everyone has to start somewhere.  Before Harold Lloyd would discover critical acclaim and world wide recognition with Safety Last! he started in silent shorts that were limited examples of his outgoing style. With Billy Blazes, Esq Lloyd plays a … Continue reading

Beyond the Law – America – 1968


  As I was researching Beyond the Law for my review, I came across a few different universities that conduct course study on the films of Mailer. Based on the synopsis of the available assignments, the professors of said classes find Mailer’s work “historically important.”  His writings are historically important; his … Continue reading

Pickpocket – France – 1959


                    Film after film, Robert Bresson was able to show critics and film buffs alike that an element of tension did not necessarily equate to an impersonal experience; in fact, Bresson’s films subverted expectation and was able to deliver both intimate … Continue reading

La bête humaine – France – 1938


                Jean Renoir made, arguably, the greatest film ever put in to production; 1939′s The Rules of the Game.  If you haven’t seen the classic about “class” confrontation, then add it to your must watch list.  It’s hilarious, irreverent, and holds an undeniable timelessness. … Continue reading

Being Two Isn’t Easy – Japan – 1962


                  I once referenced in my Borgman review that watching a foreign film felt  like staring through the window of an exclusive restaurant and observing the indigenous interact in fascinating ways.  That still applies to most foreign features I see.  However, with  Kon Ichikawa’s Being … Continue reading

Before the Rain – Macedonia – 1994


                  Films that are structured around interconnected short stories are difficult to critique.  You have to take in to consideration each piece of the movie and decide if it works as a whole or if some of it worked and some of … Continue reading

Anna Karenina – United Kingdom – 1948


                  Prior to seeing this production of Anna Karenina, I was completely unfamiliar with the story or the characters, outside of what I had been taught in High School.  I have since read the novel and seen every media adaptation of the famous … Continue reading



Phewww…these past few weeks have been incredibly busy! I’m not making excuses, but I am hitting a wall here.  So, instead of making you suffer through sub-par articles, I am taking the next couple of days off and will return on Wednesday! Ozzy will still have Bad Movie Tuesday tomorrow! … Continue reading