Island of Lost Souls

Poster - Island of Lost Souls_11

                  Sometimes, upon first viewing, we as critics don’t always appreciate the brilliance of what we’re watching. Generally the reason for this breaks down in to one of two motivations: 1) The film community as a whole hasn’t caught up with the … Continue reading

Flesh for Frankenstein


              Frankenstein is a fantastic story.  Sure, the film versions have varied widely from the original Shelley novel, but the core premise and ideas make an excellent jumping off point for outlining the argument for where consciousness begins and how science not only wants to … Continue reading

Eyes Without a Face


                This week the Halloween tradition continues as we review the scariest horror movies Criterion has to offer. Okay, admittedly, last week’s entry of The Blob was not as frightening as I would have hoped, however, this week, I have a nice surprise for all … Continue reading

The Blob – 1958 – USA


                  It’s the time of year all over again! Leaves are turning brown, the sun is setting earlier, and stores are pushing the crap out of Captain America costumes.  That’s right! It’s almost Halloween, my personal favorite holiday of the year.  So, … Continue reading

Black Lizard – 1962 – Japan


              I really just don’t know where to begin with Umetsugu Inoue’s (Six Suspects) Black Lizard.  It ranges somewhere between surrealist comedy to a pop art counter culture experience. The range of motion that plays between bookends is astounding, and surprisingly flexible for something that should … Continue reading

The Brood – 1979 – USA/Canada


                  David Cronenberg is simultaneously associated with horror fans and art house fans.  He has carved himself a unique niche in the cinema landscape over the years, and has held his own; making whatever types of film he wants to make.  Some … Continue reading

Retro Review/ABCs of Criterion – Permanent Vacation – United States – 1980


                  So, I admit it, this is a bit of a cheat. I am combining this weeks “Retro Review” with “The ABCs of Criterion.” I missed yesterday’s “ABCs of Criterion” article, mostly because of allergies, prior obligations, and the nagging need to … Continue reading

Bitter Rice – 1949 – Italy


                  Italian neorealism is, perhaps, my favorite movement in international cinema. Not only was it an incredibly short movement, making it more accessible, but it also generated some of the most important films regarding the working class.  The majority of serious Itlalian … Continue reading

All That Jazz – 1979 – America


                    Ever done acid? If you have, then you may have an idea of just how All That Jazz goes; several interconnected, stream of consciousness scenes that appear ambiguous in nature, but are actually thoroughly connected.  The film is altogether an enigma, but … Continue reading