Bad Movie Tuesday – Darkness Falls!


                  By: Ozzy Nelson Welcome back, bad movie fans! Have I got a treat for you, just in time for the Halloween season. Today we’re going to look at Darkness Falls, a 2003 ghost story romp that fails to scare. Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, … Continue reading

Episode 20 – Welcome to Dystopia


                  This week you’re heroes talk about some of their favorite Dystopias on screen! First, we have a rambling discussion that leads from horror movies to fandom! Music by Josh Woodward! Episode 20 – Welcome to Dystopia (To download, right click the … Continue reading

Recommended Reading – Runaways Vol. 1!


                      Oh Marvel, at times you infuriate me and other times you delight!  Thankfully, with Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways, I’m nothing but smiles and excitement.  Okay, maybe I’m a little too gleeful about Runaways, but man, what a book! There is drama, … Continue reading

Black Lizard – 1962 – Japan


              I really just don’t know where to begin with Umetsugu Inoue’s (Six Suspects) Black Lizard.  It ranges somewhere between surrealist comedy to a pop art counter culture experience. The range of motion that plays between bookends is astounding, and surprisingly flexible for something that should … Continue reading

Bad Movie Tuesday – Three Days to Kill!


                  By: Ozzy Nelson Welcome back, bad movie fans. Hope you enjoyed last week’s double feature. In the week since my last article a number of movies have become available on Netflix that deserve our perusal. I gave serious consideration to doing this week’s … Continue reading