Bad Movie Tuesday Special Friday Edition: The Worst Horror Movies on Netflix!


By: Ozzy Nelson Hello boys and girls! It’s time for a special edition of everyone’s favorite article. We are one week away from Halloween so I figured it was time for a retrospective on some of the absolute worst horror films Netflix has to offer. In writing this article every week I’ve … Continue reading

Brother’s Keeper


              In honor of this week’s podcast episode, today’s retro review is the bizarre and hypnagogic documentary Brother’s Keeper.  In this week’s episode, D-Isca made the excellent point that the more bizarre the subject, the more interesting the results.  This idea proves to be persistent … Continue reading

Island of Lost Souls

Poster - Island of Lost Souls_11

                  Sometimes, upon first viewing, we as critics don’t always appreciate the brilliance of what we’re watching. Generally the reason for this breaks down in to one of two motivations: 1) The film community as a whole hasn’t caught up with the … Continue reading

Episode 22


            That’s right, this week we’re talking about things that aren’t as boring as they seem, Documentaries and Plays! We promise, it is a lot more fun than it sounds, and we even fit in talk about bad Tyler Perry movies! Music provided by Josh … Continue reading

Year in Review


So, it’s that time of year where I start giving you some of my picks for best films so far.  I’m going to go through each month, once a week, and give you my top 5 selections.  Just be aware that some of these movies were technically 2013 releases on … Continue reading

The Dark Phoenix Saga


                  Okay, yes, I missed last week’s “Recommended Reading,” but to be fair I was feeling pretty exhausted and a marathon of Trailer Park Boys sounded better than giving out some half-assed review for you guys.  However, I’m back and feeling the flow of … Continue reading

Flesh for Frankenstein


              Frankenstein is a fantastic story.  Sure, the film versions have varied widely from the original Shelley novel, but the core premise and ideas make an excellent jumping off point for outlining the argument for where consciousness begins and how science not only wants to … Continue reading

Red Lights


                  By: Ozzy Nelson Welcome back, bad movie fans! It’s time yet again to plumb the depths of bad movies and see if we come up with a gem. This week we’re continuing our theme of scary movies in honor of the Halloween season … Continue reading