Recommended Reading – The Bounce!


                It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of Joe Casey’s work; the irreverent writer of the modern classic, Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker.   His humor is blue, his characters are extreme, and his style is…well, refreshing.  Over the years he has become one … Continue reading

Retro Review – The Stuff – 1985


                I’m a sucker for B-Movies, and not always the ones that would fall in the “best of” category. Sometimes it takes a truly, uniquely bad film to capture my interest.  This week, it was Larry Cohen’s (A Return to Salem’s Lot) The … Continue reading

The Brood – 1979 – USA/Canada


                  David Cronenberg is simultaneously associated with horror fans and art house fans.  He has carved himself a unique niche in the cinema landscape over the years, and has held his own; making whatever types of film he wants to make.  Some … Continue reading

Bad Movie Tuesday Drive in Double Feature – Anaconda and Vampire in Brooklyn!


                                    Well, bad movie fans, it’s time for our weekly plunge into that deep ocean of terrible movies we can’t help but love. Since the last time was so long ago now, I figured it … Continue reading

Episode 18 – The Over-saturation of Comic Book Films


          Are there too many comic book movies?  This week, your heroes attempt to answer that question in a round table discussion! We also talk about Alan Moore’s million word novel and the concept of arrogance in art! Join us…please? As usual, music provided by the … Continue reading

Year in Review – January


So, it’s that time of year where I start giving you some of my picks for best films so far.  I’m going to go through each month, once a week, and give you my top 5 selections.  Just be aware that some of these movies were technically 2013 releases on … Continue reading