The Zero Theorem – We Have Not Been Outside in a Year


                              I feel like Terry Gilliam wanted The Zero Theorem to be his closing opus. It feels like it should be.  It’s gorgeous, sensual, hits all of the right marks, and pushes the boundary of sci-fi design. But, … Continue reading

Recommended Reading – Ghost!


                          What a great concept.  A female ghost trying to decipher her past identity while simultaneously fighting crime.  We have paranormal, science fiction, supernatural, and hero concepts all in one book, and you know what, it works…every bit … Continue reading

Retro Review – Big Trouble in Little China – 1986


\                 I can honestly think of no other film making team I enjoy watching more than Kurt Russell and John Carpenter.  I don’t know if it’s Russell’s particular brand of machismo that fits so well with Carpenter’s B-Movie direction, or if it’s … Continue reading

All That Jazz – 1979 – America


                    Ever done acid? If you have, then you may have an idea of just how All That Jazz goes; several interconnected, stream of consciousness scenes that appear ambiguous in nature, but are actually thoroughly connected.  The film is altogether an enigma, but … Continue reading

Bad Movie Tuesday – All Cheerleaders Die!


                  By: Ozzy Nelson Welcome back, bad movie fans! It’s Tuesday so it must be time for another hearty dose of cinema’s worst. After another weekend of scouring Netflix, I think I’ve hit on a real winner for you. That’s right, kids, we’re looking … Continue reading

Episode 17 – Celebrity Deaths


  Inspired by recent events, your heroes take a trip down morose lane and discuss some of the celebrity deaths that affected them (or didn’t) the most.  Prior to that, we have some lighter discussion to help balance out the depression… Enjoy! Music provided by Josh Woodward (To download, search … Continue reading